Breathe California began as the TB Society of San Jose in 1911 and we continue to fight tuberculosis in the community today. California has the highest number of TB case in the nation, and the disease continues to be threat to lung health. As part of the Tuberculosis Partnership (TPP) we work to identify strategic issues impacting TB at the local level and develop strategies to prevent TB in Santa Clara County.

Our efforts include:

  • Community presentations to encourage testing and prevention
  • Partnerships with health facilities, schools, businesses and other agencies to implement plans to prevent the spread of TB
  • Annual World TB Day activities to increase awareness
  • Advocacy of important TB legislation and policies at the local, state and national levels.

Tuberculosis Fact-Sheet-2015

Santa Clara County TB health brief 2015

Change in the Tuberculosis (TB) School Mandate  -- From Universal Testing to Universal Risk Assessment and Targeted Testing

Beginning June 1, 2014, the Santa Clara County Tuberculosis (TB) School Mandate will change from a requirement for universal TB testing to a requirement for universal TB risk assessment.

Santa Clara County has required TB testing for students entering school since 1989. This Health Officer Mandate was implemented at that time because TB rates were rapidly increasing. It was intended to ensure that children with TB were diagnosed early and treated appropriately when the infection was latent or “silent.” The California Health and Safety Code, § 121515, gives the county Health Officer authority to implement such mandates.

More information and the necessary documents to comply with the new mandate are available at Santa Clara County Public Health Department website, linked below:

Tuberculosis Update June 2016

Change in TB mandate 4-15-2014

Guidelines to revisions of the school mandate and requirements

Frequently asked questions

TB mandate "Dear Parent" letter

TB risk assessment school entry form

TB skin testing sites/chest x-rays

IGRA (TB blood test) fact sheet

Santa Clara County mandate flow chart